Body Regeneration: 6 Powerful Essential Oils for Rejuvenation and Pain Relief by EvX


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Exhausted after a long, rough day? Muscle aches and pains? Fatigue? This collection of essential oils, designed to revitalize and heal the body, is the perfect solution.

Whether you are suffering from fatigue, muscle spasms, arthritis, joint tension and/or muscle soreness, these EvX essential oils provide elements from Mother Earth to naturally heal our own bodies. Included are:

  • Chinese Clary Sage: Helps relieve headache, back pain and muscle stiffness, relaxes muscle spasms. Anti-inflammatory. Also, helps with insomnia when inhaled with a diffuser.
  • French Frankincense: A powerful anti-inflammatory. Prevents breakdown of muscle tissue. Relieves soreness in the tissue. Also, helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks when applied with a carrier oil such as Shea Butter.
  • North American Juniper: Relieves muscle fatigue and reduces nerve tension. Excellent for swollen joint relief, such as arthritis. Reduces nerve pain. Also, relieves hangover symptoms if inhaled, relieves hemorrhoidal issues by diluting 8-10 drops in a hot bath.
  • French Marjoram: A mild sedative that heats up the applied area. Good for pulled muscles and muscle spasms. Allows for better circulation and reduces inflammation of the muscles. Also, a mild sedative. Good for pulled muscles and muscle spasms. reduces appearance of wrinkles.
  • Indian Sandalwood: Relaxes the muscles with a cooling effect. Acts as a nerve relaxant. Excellent for neck pain. Also, calms house pets that are hyperactive, through scent.
  • Chinese Thyme: Strong anti-inflammatory, increases circulation to applied area. Calms spasmodic muscles and helps muscle fatigue. Great for back pain. Also, can be used as Insect repellant, also helps with the effects of hangovers.
Treat yourself to this gift from nature and order an extra one for a friend or family member as well!


  • Set of 6 - 10ml essential oils (aceites esenciales, √≥leos essenciais), designated to heal muscle pain and provide tension relief
  • Contains: Chinese Clary Sage, French Frankincense, North American Juniper, French Marjoram, Indian Sandalwood, and Chinese Thyme.
  • Includes: Eco Friendly Wooden Box and Product Insert with Product Information for Easy Reference
  • Organic and Natural

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