Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment & Cramp

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Enjoy Peaceful Nights

Looking to put a stop to the throbbing leg pain whenever you take a break or lie down to catch some sleep?
Then your safest bet is to supplement with magnesium; and this all-natural magnesium oil spray is the
best restless leg relief product there is. It contains no chemicals and no preservatives. The powerful blend of
USP grade magnesium chloride oil and organic cedarwood, orange and lavender essential oils effectively
combats leg cramps to ensure that day or night, your lifestyle is never interrupted with pain again.

High Absorbent Formula

This restless leg relief spray not only works, but does so faster than anything else out there. Unlike oral
supplements that take a while before they kick in, topical magnesium works in a fraction of the time to quickly
dull the pain before it escalates. And with the mix of organic ingredients, you'll enjoy a reduced risk of skin
allergic reactions compared to heavy chemical-laden restless leg crème products. We've even included a
guide with 30+ tips to ensure you get the most from your magnesium oil spray.

Here are some additional benefits of this magnesium oil formula:

- Stimulates blood circulation and promotes deep sleep.

- Improves energy production for more efficient metabolism.

- Helps to develop a healthier and stronger skeletal system.

- Can provide migraine relief by beating magnesium deficiency.

- Promotes a positive mood for better well-being.

Experience an all-natural restless leg product that works faster than anything else without compromising
on your safety. Click 'Add to Cart' now!


  • CHEMICAL FREE CHOICE: Made using pure magnesium oil and organic (USDA) essential oils, this all natural formula spray is one of the safest restless leg products on the market
  • QUICK RLS RELIEF: The powerful magnesium oil spray formula with orange, cedarwood and lavender oils provides effective restless legs relief to ensure restful nights.
  • ABSORBS RAPIDLY: This RLS topical transdermal magnesium therapy doesn't only have a higher absorption rate, and works faster than anything else, but it's also kinder to the skin than other RLS products and completely safe.
  • NATURE'S #1 MIRACLE MINERAL: Experience additional benefits of pure magnesium like quicker recovery after workouts, improved energy, better sleep and migraine relief by reversing magnesium deficiency.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our Magnesium Chloride oil is mined from its purest state and tested to the stringent U.S Pharmacopeia (USP) grade.

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