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Did you know a Magnesium Deficiency can lead to serious health problems?

Magnesium is an essential element for the human body and responsible for a great deal of biological processes. Research shows that a deficiency may be responsible for sleep problems, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, joint pain, lower back pain and various other aches and pains.

A good level of magnesium can have a big impact on your health and wellbeing.

Our customers love our product! They reported better sleep, relief for shoulder pain, neck pain, sore muscles and migraines. Some mentioned a positive impact on fibromyalgia and aching knees. Read the exceptional reviews from satisfied customers below.

It is important to know the source of your Magnesium Oil; many other brands source from the Dead Sea or the Great Salt Lake. This type of Magnesium is subject to pollution and contamination and has to undergo several processes to clean it. We rely on the Zechstein source which has never been touched by modern day pollution because it is 2 miles under the earths surface! It is the most pure Magnesium Oil known of today in its untouched energetic state.

Our vision is to share this Magical Mineral with the world. We think it's important that you understand the benefits of Magnesium, that's why we include a comprehensive eBook with every purchase, where you will learn more about the effects of Magnesium on our body and mind.

We understand you want to experience our Magnesium Oil for yourself. Please be sure that when you're not satisfied we will refund your product immediately, no questions asked!

All the best, Laura - MAG Essentials

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  • THE ORIGINAL - Your search for the best Magnesium Oil is finally over! Whether you're new to Magnesium Oil and its healthy benefits or already an experienced user, you will be amazed by the quality and purity of our oil.
  • MAGICAL MINERAL - We'd like to call Magnesium the Magical Mineral, because of its wonderful capabilities: it helps with sore muscles, muscle cramps, migraines and various bodily aches. And the best thing: it helps you relax and improve your sleep!
  • 100% PURE - Our Magnesium Oil comes from the best source in the world. Other brands often rely on ocean or lake derived Magnesium that needs cleaning and processing. Our oil comes directly from 2 miles below the earth and is 100% natural. A gift from the earth to your health!
  • EASY TO USE - Our oil is easy to apply and ideal after baths or for massages. Taking magnesium via the skin (transdermally) is far more effective because it avoids the gastrointestinal tract and goes straight into the bloodstream.
  • FREE EBOOK - When you order a bottle, we will e-mail you our eBook with everything you need to know about Magnesium. You can try it RISK FREE: we offer a "No questions asked money back guarantee"! PS Check out our other Magnesium Oils by clicking on our brand MAG Essentials!

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